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To my unborn son…


You are fortunate already

In ways you cannot know

Two parents who love each other

And already love you so


A bedroom waiting for you

Full of everything you need

Sheltering you from the cold

Giving you a warm place to feed


On the list for a nursery

Who will care for and educate you

Then… a few years down the line

Free schooling provided too


A chance to apply for university

To study whatever you choose

Emotional support from us

And an ear for all your news


A society which isn’t perfect

But has a lot for you to explore

Free museums, art galleries

And activities galore


No reason to be bored

No reason to be cold

No reason to be sad each day

Whether young or old


It sounds so perfect doesn’t it?

And I could end this here

But there is much I have to say

Of which we must be clear


With all this wonder in the world

You cannot just relax

You have a responsibility

And duties; your kind of tax


Not every child in the world

Has everything I have said

Some children born in other lands

Have not even a little bread


Some born into poverty

Find that surviving is their task

Just flushing a toilet or fetching a drink

Can be too much of an ask


They will not have your choices

They will not have your toys

So every day please spare a thought

For those little girls and boys


Give some time, whenever you can

Raise awareness, remind yourself

Not every child is born, like you,

To a world of comparable wealth


You may not have a lot to give

Or seem to have loads to share

But compared to children in other lands

You are a millionaire


We will never spoil you

We will never give you it all

For we hope you grow up generous

-  Pride comes before a fall


Give your time and give your cash

To those who need it most

Give your attention, give your love

And never make time to boast


Life will always pay you back

And we will be so proud

If you teach other people this lesson

And shout it very loud


We will try to do our part

To raise you healthily

To try to keep you safe

And acting happily


All we ask is: pass this on

Keep the world a lovely place

And if all you can afford is a simple smile

Just keep it always on your face



Your mum-to-be





Childhood by Jodie Collins


Amid the troubling waters pass
two ships in dead of night
I try to catch a hold of them
but both float out of sight

I call amid the raging storm
my voice hangs in the air
I hold my arms above my head
in vain for no-one's there

And then I'm plucked from stormy seas
to greet the light I see
I wrap my arms around the great
new life that's come for me

And as I weep into its arms
I hold that memory dear
For I never know when I will lose
The happiness that's here




Love and Life As Always by Jodie Collins


Always life and love entwine
Walking down the same old line
Tripping on the pavement tile
Staying cheerful all the while

Making friends and losing touch
No-one can remember much
Seeing old loves fade away
Smiling as I make my way

Down the streets - deserted still
Nothing can this silence fill
All alone again it seems
Only happy in my dreams

And still this brave face I put on
Each morning when I see you've gone
Easy to ignore me now
When no emotion you allow

I'll take that tack and you will see
Just how tough that I can be
You never want to be close by
When my sad eyes, they start to cry

But you don't really need to care
For I would never let you there
I keep those feelings locked inside
For evermore from tears I hide

And put that smile upon my face
As I welcome your embrace
I know that soon we'll see the end
Until that day let's just pretend




Try by Jodie Collins


They always tell me "try again"
As if it's just that fast
As if you can just fold away
The memories of the past

They always tell me "try again"
And give a cheery smile
As if it doesn't matter when
You walk the longest mile

They always tell me "try again"
Like they don't understand
That I can't do it by myself
They have to hold my hand

They always tell me "try again"
It makes me want to cry
All I ever seem to do
Is try and try and try

It makes no difference what I say
It makes no difference when
I know what they are going to say
It's always "try again"

























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